The Studio is open for piano lessons 5 days a week.   It is a quiet home in a  nice neighborhood with a large open and airy studio.  We work on a Kawai RX2  6 Ft. Grand Piano​. Students, parents, and family members are made to feel comfortable here.  There is space for waiting families to relax, 

do homework or read quietly.  

​I welcome students age 5 to adult at all levels up to College Preparatory.  I have taken age 4 1/2  in certain circumstances after level testing, but no younger than that.  I believe that many students age 5 to 6 are capable of absorbing all the levels of learning that comprise piano instruction. Many parents agree that developing  this type of focused learning at an early age

is a positive step that applies to many areas of their education.  

​A piano or keyboard is necessary in the home at the start of lessons.  

A digital piano with weighted keys and pedal is acceptable or a regular

piano in good working condition.   

At the earliest levels, lessons are 30 minutes in duration.  For the young beginner,  practice is recommended at 15 minutes  per day.  Gradually practice time increases at the higher levels.   I spend a lot of time designing practice sessions for optimum results.  

I use a well-known and excellent basic piano course.  It consists of 4 or more books per level that address reading, theory, and technique with nicely arranged pieces that are fun to play.   I also supplement  with all kinds of music, introducing students to many different musical styles.​

Twice yearly we prepare for performance in a large concert which is often recorded on DVD .   All aspects of performance are addressed including dress, presentation, and memorization.  Students look forward to this--observing and supporting each other--becoming inspired by each others' performance.    Sometimes we have 'open air' performances in summer at local events, and on their own, many of my students perform in local talent shows at their schools or at local city or church functions. 

I teach throughout the year, but take vacations at the same time the students  in Benicia schools are out of school for holidays.    I send out a calendar every 4 months listing the dates the studio is in operation.    Lesson payment is made on either a monthly or a 4 month tuition schedule in advance.   I am accredited for Visions Homeschooling and have weekday times available for home-schoolers.  

I charge a standard rate for piano based on my education and experience.  I have not raised this rate since 2004.  Please contact me if you have any questions about my studio, and I will be glad to arrange an introductory meeting free of charge.